About this website

Welcome to what I believe to be the first website dedicated to the unique style and quality of Ed Rosenstengel furniture. It is my hope that this website may improve access to information about this celebrated Australian furniture designer maker and the output of his company during its 36 years of production. I have personally had an interest in Ed Rosenstengel furniture for some 15 years and the material presented on these pages represents the knowledge that I have gained over that time. As the son of a Brisbane cabinetmaker, I developed an appreciation for the beauty of Queensland timbers from an early age followed by a keen interest in the art of woodcarving. Both of these interests led me to develop a great admiration for Ed Rosenstengel furniture. I would like to declare that I am not an antique dealer or professionally involved in the antique or furniture trade in any way and my motivation in developing this website is purely to share information and increase awareness of Ed Rosenstengel and his furniture. I am always looking to source information on Ed Rosenstengel and his workers and as such   I would particularly like to hear from anyone with photos or information on special or commissioned items of Rosenstengel furniture or anyone connected with the Rosenstengel family or his workers. Please feel free to contact me through the CONTACT link on the home page. I would also welcome the sharing of photographs of Rosenstengel items in the hope of creating a more complete catalog of items he produced. Again, please drop me an email via the CONTACT link if you have photos you would like to share.

Please also note that the material contained on this page and images offered are my personal work, presented at my expense and not permitted for reproduction without permission of the Author. Free access to this material is offered in good faith that users will be respectful of the effort involved in developing the site and drop me a line via the CONTACT page should they wish to reproduce content or photographs for any reason.

Finally if you have Rosenstengel items you are considering selling I would love to hear from you via the CONTACT link above.  As noted I am not a dealer in antiques but as someone with great respect for Ed’s furniture I am always interested in purchasing pieces for my own home. I would particularly appreciate hearing from anyone considering the sale of special commissioned items or pieces containing Wedgwood ceramic plaques.

Hopefully this website stands as testament to the high regard in which I hold the furniture produced by this great Queensland artist. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the website.

King regards