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Details on the history of Ed Rosenstengel and his furniture business in Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Furniture Style

Discussion on the source of design inspiration and the unique style of Ed Rosenstengel furniture

Timber Selection

Details of the magnificent Queensland timbers used in construction


Tips on how to restore an original Rosenstengel piece plus some guidance on Valuation.

Welcome to what I believe to be the first website dedicated to the unique style and quality of Ed Rosenstengel furniture. Ed Rosenstengel and his craftsmen operated out of premises in Fortitude Valley Brisbane between 1922 and 1958 over which time they developed a reputation for producing furniture of outstanding quality and unique design. Despite this, little information is readily available on either the man himself or the furniture he created. It is my hope that this website will address this to some degree and contribute to an improved understanding and appreciation of the work produced by this celebrated Australian furniture designer maker.